Throughout LRI'S website – the following terms are used interchangeably: Workforce readiness skills, workplace success skills, soft skills, employability skills, interpersonal skills, workplace behaviors, behavioral competencies, social skills, career readiness skills and behavioral effectiveness skills. Skills and competencies are also used as synonyms.
soft skills training

Steps In The Assessment Process

People assessed:

  • Watch video-delivered problems arise in a work setting. Some video is on-line;
    all programs are available via DVD
  • See alternative solutions to the problem acted out
  • Choose what they feel are best and least effective responses
  • Have their choices compared to employers’ standards of effectiveness to identify effective
    soft skills and developmental needs
  • Receive real-time Feedback Reports upon completing the assessment

For an overview of Feedback Reports and examples of Feedback Reports for each LRI assessment program click here.

A flow chart showing the steps for Internet or DVD/VHS assessment appears here: How Video Delivered Assessment Works.