Throughout LRI'S website – the following terms are used interchangeably: Workforce readiness skills, workplace success skills, soft skills, employability skills, interpersonal skills, workplace behaviors, behavioral competencies, social skills, career readiness skills and behavioral effectiveness skills. Skills and competencies are also used as synonyms.
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Distance Learning Programs – Workforce
Readiness Skills

Highline Community College (HCC) has developed two distance learning curricula to enable educators and trainers to develop in learners, future workers and incumbents the soft skills assessed by Learning Resources, Inc.’s (LRI) program, Workforce Readiness Skills (WRS).

HCCs curriculum was created with the understanding that the first step in soft skill building is recognition of deficiencies and awareness of the knowledge and skill sets that are required. To that end, the recommended first step in the program is the learner takes both modules of LRIs WRS assessment, which provides a Feedback Report identifying the person’s areas of strength and where development is needed.

HCC’s curriculum parallel’s the WRS structure:

  • One module, Personal Qualities, measures competencies included under: Integrity, Responsibility, Self-Esteem, Self-Management, and Sociability;
  • The second module, Customer Care, measures competencies included under Customer Relations, Decision Making, and Commitment to Quality
  • Clicking on either of the above links will show the specific competencies addressed. And, an overview of the WRS Assessment Program appears here.

HCC’s resource can serve as either a self-directed or blended approach to understanding and developing fundamental employability skills. This HCC/LRI package is further augmented by a print-based curriculum, Workforce Readiness Development Training, again in two modules that provide instructor-led classroom/ training activities that compliment and reinforce skill building.

For a more complete introduction to HCC’s Distance Learning program, including information on;

  • Structure and Outlines
  • Pedagogy
  • Implementation Option

Please see: HCC Distance Learning Programs