Throughout LRI'S website – the following terms are used interchangeably: Workforce readiness skills, workplace success skills, soft skills, employability skills, interpersonal skills, workplace behaviors, behavioral competencies, social skills, career readiness skills and behavioral effectiveness skills. Skills and competencies are also used as synonyms.
soft skills training for managers

Is Staff Development Available?

The value and limits of assessment: Good information about an individual is foundational to their development, selection and hiring:

  • Knowing where people have or do not have the competencies required of a job does much to help organizations not hire their problems;
  • Alignment between a job’s soft and other skill requirements and the competencies of the individuals means that new hires will fit more smoothly into the job – and, experience shows, turnover is reduced.
  • Good information about new-hires’ or incumbents’ soft skill deficits identifies where training and development activities should focus.
  • Pre- and post-assessment documents the extent to which training has met its behavioral change objectives.

All of the above are important – but assessment that is not followed by development planning and training leaves the individual where they were. To support organizations using LRI’s soft skills assessment programs, a range of training is available to support staff concerned with implementing soft skills assessments and remediating customers’ soft skill deficits.

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