Throughout LRI'S website – the following terms are used interchangeably: Workforce readiness skills, workplace success skills, soft skills, employability skills, interpersonal skills, workplace behaviors, behavioral competencies, social skills, career readiness skills and behavioral effectiveness skills. Skills and competencies are also used as synonyms.
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Training That Develops Soft Skills


LRI provides valid, criterion-referenced and nationally normed video-delivered programs to measure the soft skills required of most jobs and job-levels within an organization. These positions range from entry-level to highly skilled to managerial. The technology used is called AccuVision®.

The assessment process used by LRI identifies where individuals have effective workplace behaviors, where further development is needed and it provides strategies and resources to develop skill deficits. LRI programs compare individuals’ interpersonal competencies – their soft skills - to a national standard of effective workplace behaviors defined by employers. Over 4,000,000 applicants, incumbents and future workers have been assessed by LRI’s programs.

The value AND LIMITS of assessment

Good data about an individual’s strengths and weaknesses is important information. It describes a person’s relative work-readiness at that moment in time. Also:

  • Knowing where people have or do not have the competencies required of a job does much to help organizations not hire their problems;
  • Alignment between a job’s soft and other skill requirements and the current competencies of individuals means that new hires will fit more smoothly into the job – and, experience shows, this reduces turnover.
  • Good information about new-hires’ or incumbents’ soft skill deficits identifies where training and development activities should focus.
  • Pre- and post-assessment documents the extent to which training has met its behavioral change objectives.

Assessment by itself does little to change behavior. Assessment should be followed by development planning and training. LRI provides an array of soft skills assessment training and development programs, which are described below.

Implementing Soft Skills Assessment

Administration and Implementation

  1. Administrator Training for customers using LRI on-line assessment programs, which currently includes Workforce Readiness Skills and Bank Teller and Financial Services Representative. This is a 2-hour, webinar-delivered training that enables local administrators to log individuals onto the program, generate Feedback Reports and customize the website that houses the program.
  2. Implementation Training and Development (ITD) for a range of staff who will be involved with the delivery one of LRI’s DVD-delivered soft skills assessment programs. ITD training enables participants to take the results of an LRI soft skills assessment, along with performance observations and other information and create an ITD plan for those assessed. Staff training is provided in a 5- to 6-hour program during which managers learn to create, communicate and monitor the development of those assessed. ITD ensures that workers and their managers are in agreement as to developmental activities; managers receive practical, hands-on experience that enables them to help future and current workers develop soft skills over time.

    Work-Readiness Resources and Training helps staff build the soft skills required of entry-level jobs LRI provides the following several resources:

  3. A Discussion Guide that enables trainers, teachers and others to integrate soft skill discussions into academic and career and technical courses, work experience, Job Clubs and
    the like. Discussion Guide Excerpts.
  4. A curriculum for the Workforce Readiness Skills (WRS) program, which is comprised of two primary modules, Personal Qualities and Customer Care.
  5. LRI has partnered with Landmark Opportunities to provide a curriculum for teachers, trainers and other staff. The focus of the curriculum, called Workforce Readiness Development Training (WRDT). It measures the competencies assessed by the Workforce Readiness Skills (WRS) modules:

    Personal Qualities Development Overview, including this program’s chapter on Self- Management, 

    Customer Care Development Overview, including this program’s chapter on Customer Relations

  6. An Internet-based Distance Learning curriculum developed for the Workforce Readiness Skills program (WRS) by Highline Community College (WA State) Center of Excellence. The program is comprised of two modules: Personal Qualities and Customer Care. Please click here for a general overview of Distance Learning Programs.  If either program is of interest, we will be pleased to connect you with the right people at Highline Community College.
  7. All of the above relate to LRI’s more basic assessment programs. The following deal with training for managers, supervisors and leaders.

  8. Supervisor/Manager Training System: AccuVision Training System (ATS) The AccuVision Training Series (ATS) is a focused skill development program that is typically delivered by members of an organization's staff or a trainer from a local college. The program's goal is to improve the core competencies of supervisors and managers in both team-oriented and traditional work environments. People using ATS typically begin by pre-assessing staff using LRI's Supervisory or Managerial assessment program, which assesses the following broad skill sets.
  9. LRI's training programs for managers and supervisors develop the following skill sets, skills that are measured by our managerial and supervisory assessment programs. Each unit is typically a 6- to 8-hour training session that is delivered by organizations' staff, local faculty/trainers and others. Units cover:

    • Team Building
    • Situational Style of Interaction
    • Influence
    • Initiative
    • Analysis and Problem Solving

    For a more in-depth view of the Supervisory and Managerial Training System

    To request a preview copy of one of the ATS modules, please contact LRI.

  10. Web-Based Training for first-time leaders: LeadersMark™ LeadersMark is a web-based training course designed for first-time leaders, managers or supervisors. It is also used as refresher training for current leaders. The program is designed to help participants develop or improve the necessary skills to become effective leaders.
    For an overview of LeadersMark, please click here.
  11. For log-in information to preview LeadersMark, please contact LRI.