Throughout LRI'S website – the following terms are used interchangeably: Workforce readiness skills, workplace success skills, soft skills, employability skills, interpersonal skills, workplace behaviors, behavioral competencies, social skills, career readiness skills and behavioral effectiveness skills. Skills and competencies are also used as synonyms.
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Supervisory and Managerial Training System

The AccuVision Training Series (ATS) is a highly focused, modular skill development program that is typically delivered by members of an organization's staff or a trainer from a local college. The program's goal is to improve the core competencies of supervisors and managers in both team-oriented and traditional work environments. People using ATS typically begin by pre-assessing staff using LRI's Supervisory or Managerial assessment program.

The modules of the program develop the skills measured by AccuVision's supervisory and managerial assessment programs:

  • Team Building - The ability to motivate and encourage others to perform and participate
  • Situational Style of Interaction - Effectiveness in determining whether to use a participative or directive style, given the demands of a particular situation
  • Influence - The ability to actively facilitate and guide the actions and thinking of others and provide coaching for improved performance
  • Initiative - The willingness to take action, make decisions and defend points of view when
    interacting with others
  • Analysis and Problem-Solving - The ability to identify problems and generate sound courses of action for dealing with them.

Post-assessment following training enables organizations to determine the extent to which training has succeeded in developing staff's effectiveness.

ATS is used:
  • To train new supervisors and managers
  • To 'raise the bar' for experienced supervisors and managers
  • To provide readiness training for future supervisors and managers
Why ATS?
  • To increase productivity and performance
  • To create a continuous learning environment
  • To build supervisory and managerial 'bench-strength'
  • To support targeted skill development of current and future supervisors/managers
The ATS approach
  • The program is composed of five training modules, each focused on a critical management skill. A module, when delivered by a trainer, typically requires a day of training. A self-paced version of the program is also available
  • It uses a learn-by-doing approach to skill development
  • It demonstrates critical skill behaviors via video-based modeling
  • It allows participants to practice during role-plays and receive feedback from others
  • It features real life examples and relevant case studies
  • It places emphasis on applying learned behaviors back on the job
  • It is available for either an office (white-collar) or plant (blue-collar) environment
Flexible, Easy to Use Delivery Options
  • Five independent, one-day training modules or as a one-week training program
  • Facilitator-led and self-study versions available
  • Easily customized to fit organizational needs

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